A Second Sunbury Shopping Mall?


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‘Another outlet mall proposed along I-71 in Delaware County – EXCLUSIVE’ is the headline of story by Brian R. Ball Staff reporter for Columbus Business First about a second shopping mall announced in the Sunbury area.

The second proposed development will be more than an outlet mall… will be? Or would be? The Columbus Business First article says the acreage will “rival” the Polaris development in southern Delaware County.   The Columbus Business First Exclusive talks about recreation facilities, hotels and an auto mall with the second proposed outlet mall in the Sunbury area.

The second proposed Delaware County, Ohio outlet mall in just about as many weeks is to be called  NorthGate Centre according to the Columbus Business First article.  The developer of this outlet mall would be Craig Realty.  This  350,000 square feet of space would be south of  State Route 36 & 37  interchange on  I-71 and Sunbury.

The first proposed mall is to be developed by Simon Property Group and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers.  The first proposed outlet mall would be a mile southwest of the  State Route 36/37 and I-71 interchange.  I am not sure I remember a name for that proposed mall.

A Panera Bread was the first thing announced going in at the 36/37 I-71 interchange.  Or the first thing I remember hearing about in the news.  There is a lot of traffic going through that interchange but it seemed odd for there to be a Panera out there, all alone.

Next news? …. an outlet mall, did I mention outlet mall number one here? Probably not. Shame on me.  I was probably too busy doing my Christmas shopping.  Next news?  An “Exclusive”  for the Columbus Business First on Wednesday December 19, 2012?  A second outlet mall.

Here’s a link to the breaking news on the Columbus Business First site about the second proposed Sunbury outlet mall.

‘Another outlet mall proposed along I-71 in Delaware County – EXCLUSIVE’


The Columbus Business First site does have a pay wall.  It seems like that pay wall has changed recently.  Or maybe I am confusing the access to  with the Columbus Dispatch.  The article may or may not be available…  the title of the article changed this morning. Maybe they remove the EXCLUSIVE once other media has the story.

Sunbury, Ohio is in the Big Walnut Local School District in Delaware County, Ohio.  I gotta get some community info up here on this site, or finish it and publish it, I just have Powell, Orange Township, Columbus (the Polaris area is in the City of Columbus, or some of it is)  and Lewis Center published.

I want a map.  I mean a map with the two proposed shopping areas plotted.  Sunbury, on the Google map  here (and in real life)  is further east than Sunbury is in my mind.  You may need to zoom in on the Google map above to see I-71.   Maybe the proposed mall (s) would have Galena addresses and not Sunbury addresses.  South-west of I-71 is pretty close to Alum Creek.    The proposed malls along  I- 71  are NOT in the City of Sunbury, “as you can plainly see.* ” Well you can see it if you zoom in on the map.

A $5 Starbucks Card to the first person who tells me in the comments, who the author of the book I am quoting  “as you can plainly see* ” is.  It is at the end…  I was going to say last chapter of the book but this is more of a picture book… there are 26 entries in the book.

I had to Google it.  Is there a Starbucks in the area?  Sure enough there is a Starbucks at State Route 36 & 37 Sunbury, Ohio 43074 according to Google maps.  Google maps shows me the Starbucks northwest of the State Route 36 & 37  / I-71 interchange.  Starbuck’s has the 43074 zip code…  that’s Sunbury.

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