Cabela’s Columbus

Cabela’s Columbus is at Polaris

Cabelas Columbus  floor

The grand opening of the Cabela’s in Columbus was a month ago?  I was up the road at Earth Fare during Cabela’s grand opening event and saw the traffic jams in the parking lot.

Cabela’s Columbus store is at 1650 Gemini Pl, Columbus, Ohio 43240 (map below.)

Cabela’s Columbus, Ohio Store

Cabela's Polaris

Polaris where the deer and the antelope play.  I had seen photos online from the grand opening so I knew of the taxidermy…. but was not really prepared for all the stuffed animals.  I am NOT a hunter but taxidermy does not bother me…   Or taxidermy is less noticeable in a huge outdoor store with hunting and camping equipment than it is in residential situations.  There was a house in the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes at the Meadows at Lewis Center with decorating featuring a lot of  “taxidermy.”  The theme was more antlers and less stuffed animals but it was still memorable.

If you go to Cabela’s in Columbus, it is at Polaris in southern Delaware County, just west of Polaris Fashion Place:

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If you go to Cabela’s in Columbus, parking could be a problem?

On Foursquare one of the tips about Cabela’s is “park at Costco.”  Another Foursquare tip is that if you park at Costco to visit Cabela’s Columbus your car could be towed.

Cabela’s has a parking lot.  Both entrances to the parking lot at Costco and the strip mall right up on Gemini have big, new signs saying something like “no Cabela’s parking.”

We stopped in to see Cabela’s on a Thursday night 20 minutes before closing and there was plenty of places to park.  I wondered if the unwelcoming signs on surrrounding businesses were left over from the grand opening.  Or does Cabela’s still get  crowded on weekends? I am sure the store and it’s merchandise lends itself to weekend events.

We spent most of our 20 minutes looking at shoes… well once we took a few photos of the stuffed animals at Cabela’s.

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