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Delaware County, Ohio Homes a “piece of cake!” 

Or perhaps pie….  While setting up this site on WordPress I found some interesting information about the  original S. Delaware County Ohio Homes site on ActiveRain a real estate network in the form of a pie chart.

Pretty colors?  This tells what the focus of the information on the original site that I used the domain on.  Or keywords anyway if that means anything to you.

The original S. Delaware County Ohio Homes site on the ActiveRain network was:

  • Delaware County – 9.4%
  • Home Prices- 6.5%
  • New Homes – 6.1%
  • Search for Homes –  6.0%
  • Homes for Sale – 5.9%
  • Custom Homes – 6.1%
  • Home Inspector – 5.9%
  • Home Selling – 5.9%
  • Home Maintenance – 5.9%
  • Home Improvement – 5.9%
  • New Home Builder- 5.9%
  • New Home- 5.9%
  • HUD Homes – 5.0%
  • Home Buying- 5.9%
  • Other – 7.1%

I looked at analytics often but I don’t remember any pretty pie charts on what I was looking at on the original site.  Was my Delaware County real estate site really that balanced 6% of this and 6% of that?  I am not sure I buy that.  HUD Homes 5%?  Really?  On my Delaware County site?  Huh?

Ratios on the NEW & improved S. Delaware County, Ohio Homes

Can you expect the same ratio of information here, on the NEW and Improved (S. Delaware County, Ohio Homes)? Probably not.

I was able to share knowledge from others in the industry with a feature called “Re-Blog” on the original (S. Delaware County Ohio Homes) about home inspection, construction, etc. that I am just not qualified to post about.  Home improvement, home maintenance and home inspection should be down drastically. Or not if I can find guest bloggers. Real guest bloggers.

The thumbnail of the pie chart on the info on  is from SmartViper Domain Analysis.

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