Delaware County on the Map

The map is foreclosures across the US. Delaware County is on the map… so are lots of US counties. For me the interactive map was easiest to use if I zoomed  in on a county using the plus sign. I zoomed  way in. Then I can look at the change over the months without having to try to find the dot that is Delaware County, Ohio, over and over. Or find another county. You can see how the number of foreclosures changed from January 2007 through July of 2012.

It is interesting to compare Delaware County to Franklin County and other surrounding  counties.

Thanks to Karen Rice a real estate agent in PA. who shared the foreclosure mapon Pinterest and her PA real estate site. The data is from  The map was made by Stephen Reader, Steven Melendez and Louise Ma / WNYC.  @datanews

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2 Responses to Delaware County on the Map

  1. Karen Rice says:

    Thanks for the share Maureen – it’s one of the most useful tools I’ve seen in a while – so many folks are curious about the progression of foreclosures.

  2. MaureenMcCabe says:

    You are my first comment on a new site. I guess probably the first shout out too.

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