Delaware County Real Estate: Buyers Market or Sellers Market

Is the current Delaware County, Ohio real estate market a buyers market or a sellers market?  Well by current I mean through the end of January 2013.  If you listen to the national news you are hearing about a shortage of homes, multiple offers on listings and prices shooting up.   This graph shows the number of months of inventory (Delaware County, Ohio homes for sale) for the past 15 months.

Graph Delaware County homes for sale

With 6.1 months of inventory (Delaware homes for sale) based on January 2013 home sales in the county, Delaware is neither a buyers market or a sellers market.   Six months of inventory is a balanced real estate markets.

The holidays are over.  Winter is nearly over, last Saturday the groundhog (Buckeye Chuck up in Marion, Ohio ) said we will have an early spring in 2003.

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Delaware County, Ohio real estate a market report for January 2013

  • Homes for sale 597 vs.  871 in January 2012
  • Months of inventory 6.1  vs. 9.4 in January 2012

The number of homes sold in the county in January 2013 were virtually unchanged from January 2012, down a smidgen.  The months of inventory based on sales was down 29.4% from January 2012 when there were 871 homes on the market.

The average sale price of a home in Delaware County in January 2013 was down 2.7% from the average sale price in January 2013. Looking at Delaware County home prices for the past three months the average sale price of a Delaware County, Ohio home is up 2.3% from last year.  At $267,000 the average sale price of a home in Delaware County, Ohio the past three months has increased as the number of homes for sale went down.  The median price of a home in Delaware County, Ohio in January 2013 was down 10.7%. Looking at the past three months though the median price of a home in Delaware County is up 4.3% at $243,000.   In January, the number of days on market for the homes sold in Delaware County was down 33.6% from January 2012.

With 6.1 months of homes for sale, the Delaware County real estate market is very similar to the entire Columbus Board of REALTORS mls which has 6.3 months of homes for sale.

The homes represented by the graph are single family resale properties only.  This does not include condominiums.  The Delaware County, Ohio market report and graph do not represent new homes listed in the Columbus Board of REALTORS mls (multiple listing service.)

Delaware County Real Estate: Buyers Market or Sellers Market?’ was published in February 2013 based on data available from the Columbus Board of REALTORS mls  at the end of January 2013. According to Trendgraphix neither CBR nor the mls guarantee the accuracy of the data.  Trendgraphix says: “Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.” I must rely on their info, I can offer no guarantee either.  I believe the mls data is getting better all the time though.

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