Delaware County Real Estate: March 2013

Delaware County, Ohio real estate

Delaware County real estate graph

Delaware County home sales through March 2013

The graph shows homes for sale for the past 15 months in the light green bars. The dark green bars show Delaware County, Ohio home sales for the past 15 months.There were 169 homes sold in March 2013.  A year ago there were 134 homes sold in the county.  There were 628 homes for sale at the end of March 2013. In March 2012 there were 910 homes for sale.

The graph is for single family resale homes in the Columbus Board of REALTORS mls (multiple listing service.)   The graph  does not include new homes, condominium homes or multi-family residences.

Delaware County,  Ohio real estate March 2013

March 2013 Delaware County, Ohio home sales were up 26% from a year ago. The number of homes for sale in the county is down 31% from March 2012.   With increased sales and less homes on the market, the number of months of inventory (homes for sale) is down to 4 months. A year ago there was 7 months of inventory in Delaware County, Ohio.

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Delaware County home prices

The March 2013 average sold price is up 0.4% at $275,000 but the average for sale price of a Delaware County home jumped 15.7% since March 2013 to $428,000.

The median sale price of a single family resale home in Delaware County was $235,000, the exact same as the median price of a home in 2012.

In March homes sold within 97% of their final list price and 94% of their original list price.

 Real Estate Market 2013

Delaware County Home Prices through Feb. 2013

Delaware County Homes for Sale through Jan. 2013

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