Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Delaware County Connection to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Rally at Grace Brethern Church


The Delaware County Ohio Connection to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2011

P & D Builders is building the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house in Columbus now.   P & D Builders is a Delaware County Ohio home builder.  Or the P & D Builders office is now in Delaware County,  now, on Columbus Pike (State Route 23) just south of Greif Parkway.  At the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kick off at Grace Brethren Church a few weeks back, one representative of P & D Builders said the company was building small homes north of 670 after the Second World War (WWII.)  That made me wonder what Columbus neighborhoods they were building in… where are those houses???

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition coming back to Columbus The project is in Franklin County, Ohio.  I wondered with the Grace Brethren Pep Rally and the builder being in southern Delaware County if Extreme Makeover: Home Edition might be a Delaware County project.  You think of Delaware County being so wealthy but there are needy people all over in 2011.

The show is being shot in Franklin County, but the builder is located in Delaware County Ohio. They probably build mostly in southern Delaware County.  Or that is my guess.  P & D Builders builds much higher priced homes these days.  P & D Builders had a house in the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes at Olentangy Falls.  P & D  have been in the BIA Parade of Homes a number of times, I believe.   The 2011 P & D Builders home was sold prior to the start of the June 2011 BIA Parade of Homes event at Olentangy Falls.

P & D Builders – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – 2011 

P & D Builders had some photos on their Facebook page on Saturday showing the progress on the house already.  I was at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition site in east Columbus (south of Hudson Avenue and east of Cleveland Avenue)  on Thursday.  There was a little blue one bedroom house still standing when I left the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  job site Thursday evening.

P & D Builders on Facebook.  Like their page on Facebook.     Today they only have 282 fans on that page… I predict they’ll have thousands by Christmas!  Great photos on Facebook!

P & D Builders on Twitter.  Follow them!   There are only 66 followers…  they’ll have more followers by Christmas.  What is being filmed in Franklin County, Ohio in the city of Columbus is the Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition Christmas episode.  Santa is hanging out in Columbus lately…

The P & D Builders website.

I am not affiliated with P & D Builders in any way.  I have shown their homes in central Ohio over the years as a real estate agent.  I think I remember the first  P & D Builders house I ever showed….

Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Columbus, Ohio 2006

The episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition shot in 2006 the builder was M/I Homes.  That episode shot in Whitehall was aired in early 2007.  Here’s some old, old posts about that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition was in Central Ohio in 2006.

The show was on TV in early 2007?  Exteme Makeover Home Edition

Originally posted on the sdelawarecohomes.com domain, S. Delaware County Ohio Homes.  There is a similar post on both DiscoverColumbusOH.com and the ActiveRain real estate network, as a Columbus Ohio real estate update. I had to remove a few links from the original – Maureen

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