HER Realtors / Real Living HER

Did you know the number one real estate company in Columbus as “HER Realtors”?  Or as “Real Living HER”?    You probably knew the company as HER if you’ve been in central Ohio for any length of time.

HER Realtors

HER is pronounced H.E.R. The letters are  a man’s initials.  Or two men’s initials.  Harley E. Rouda Sr. who founded the company in 1956 and his son, Harley E. Rouda Jr.’s initials.   Harley E. Rouda Sr. passed away last summer.  The photo of Harley E. Rouda Sr. is from an old HER Realtors website.

Real Living

Harley E. Rouda Jr. founded Real Living in 2002.  The Real Living brand was sold to Brookfield RPS in 2008 and  Harley Rouda Jr. has been the president of Real Living.

Brookfield RPS is selling the two US real estate franchise operations they owned,  Real Living and Prudential brands to HomeServices of America.

Harley Rouda Jr. stepped down as president of Real Living Real Estate and  is going to be running the Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati offices again.  The companies are named Real Living HER and Real Living Realty Services for now anyway.

Today Inman News (real estate news)  referred to the real estate company in Columbus as “HER Realty.” 


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