Lewis Center Store’s Grand Opening

A Lewis Center store’s grand opening – Alum Creek Market

Lewis Center Alum Creek Market

Alum Creek Market, Lewis Center Road,  Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

I’d give you the address if I had it.  If you can find Lewis Center, Ohio you can find Alum Creek Market.  It is one of two commercial buildings sitting there.

Alum Creek Market is having it’s Grand Opening in Lewis Center now.   I stopped to see the store on Thursday.  I have been avoiding the Polaris area, south east of Alum Creek Market since Black Friday but I decided to come back by way of Lewis Center Road yesterday.

Old Store Feel

I’ve had a crush on this Lewis Center commercial building for a long time.  In June 2011 and I started driving through the Lewis Center area more often.   I often stay on Columbus Pike (Route 23) but I sometimes take the scenic route.   I remembered this area along the railroad tracks being further east, closer to Alum Creek.  In my minds eye, the little whistle stop that was Lewis Center was east of S. Old State Road.  The little spot on the map with two commercial buildings facing Lewis Center Road, two churches and some houses  was on the railroad tracks… or just east of the railroad tracks but I thought the little settlement of  Lewis Center on the railroad track was east of S. Old State.  The railroad tracks are west of S. Old State of course so the cute little area on Lewis Center Road is just east of  Olentangy High School. The new Lewis Center store is just west of the Meadows at Lewis Center, the neighborhood where the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes was.

Map of Lewis Center, Ohio


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The Google map shows the center of Lewis Center just west of Alum Creek Market.

Alum Creek Market Grand OpeningThe sign that says “Alum Creek Market” and

“Beer – Wine


had an Ohio flag on it when I took a photo in 2011.  Or maybe that photo was taken in 2010.  The photo of the Ohio flag in Lewis Center was the banner on this site.  I want that photo back up as the banner.

Alum Creek Market has what looks like an old tin ceiling, inside.  The exposed ducts inside are painted red like the tin roof.  The new store in the old building has an old narrow slat wood floor. I think the floor is oak.

Alum Creek Market the new Lewis Center store  has refrigerated cases along the east wall of with beverages, soft drinks and beer. There is a big counter on the east side of the building toward the front.    A lot of the shelves in the Alum Creek Market were bare when I stopped in Thursday.   Two men were stocking shelves and coolers.  The owner (I asked “are you the owner, and  he said yes”) said they will have milk.

As I drove by for months now and saw a sign announcing that Alum Creek Market would be opening soon I wondered if the Lewis Center store was going to be a convenience store.  Or a small old fashioned grocery store, or what?  A party store for those on their way to Alum Creek State Park for a day of boating?

Alum Creek Market, the new Lewis Center store is NOT far from the Kroger Market Place at Olentangy Crossing.  There’s an Aldi’s grocery store near the corner of Orange Road  that opened in November 2011.  The Earth Fare store and Costco stores at Polaris are just a hop skip and a jump away from Alum Creek Market.

Lewis Center store’s prices

I am not be able to comparison shop beer or cigarettes.  Sorry I do not know prices.  Or if you pay more for beer or cigarettes at a convenience store than at a grocery store.   Alum Creek Markets prices on wine looked reasonable to me.

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