New England Homes Lego

New England Homes built out of Lego blocks?  
New England homes built of Lego

I have a Google alert set up for New England Homes because I work with New England Homes Ohio a custom builder as part of the HER Realtors Builder Division.

I often see mentions of New England Homes in central Ohio because of the alerts but I also see more updates about New England homes in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, etc. because they are New England homes.   I got a Google alert about New England Homes the other day that had to do with southern California rather than central Ohio.  I usually do NOT click when I know it has nothing to do with central Ohio custom  built homes.

I wondered though….

Google alert New England Homes
I could NOT resist clicking on the link.  I think the image is probably from Legoland in southern California. The site in the Google alert about New England Homes seemed to be about tourism. It seems to be about New England “homes”, small case.


The image here is a thumbnail so as not to infringe on the copyright of the owner of the photo (I was not able to find a link to the original image on the tourism site.)   At the windows there are the little round things that link Lego to Lego.  Those little round things must have a name.  Sorry I don’t speak “Lego.”


It looks like there is a monorail that runs by this little village of New England homes in southern California.  At first I thought it was a little train track but I only see one rail.  I have never been to Legoland in California, or I believe there is a Legoland in Florida too.  I have never even been inside the Lego Store at Easton.  I peeked in the window at the Columbus Lego Store last fall after dinner at a restaurant at Easton in north-east Franklin County.


There is much more about New England Homes Ohio, a central Ohio custom builder on Delaware County, Ohio Homes (this site.)    The home from the central Ohio custom builder  are built of wood, brick, stone, Hardy Plank, stucco and even vinyl siding but never out of Lego blocks.
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