New England Homes Looks Good

The New England Homes Ohio, “Barn” is in Lewis Center.

 New England Homes Barn  fall 2012

 New England Homes looks GOOD from the outside

New England Homes looks very good from the outside.  The “Barn” is an office that was another builder’s model years ago.  The story,   Extreme Makeover: Barn Edition.   When the building that is now New England Homes office was a house it was another builder’s model with the rooms decorated as bedrooms, living room, kitchen, etc.   There was decorating to look at then.

New England Homes looks like an office inside

Today the “Barn”  is the business office and sales office for New England Homes Ohio, a custom builder.  The New England Homes “Barn” is not a model.  There are two rooms that are fit for company… well three rooms if you count the Sales Center on the north end of the building where you enter.  Doug Annette’s office, (one of the three partner’s in New England Homes) looks good too… so let’s say four rooms in the “Barn” look good.   Those rooms are still not going to satisfy people who are “just looking”, the people who want to see a model.  The New England Homes office is an office.

There are features built into two rooms in the former house that will mean something to people who are looking to build a custom home, but they are subtle.  The cabinets are gorgeous but they are custom and what was a kitchen is a builders showroom. The barn wood floor in the show room is wonderful to behold. There is an interior barn door….  but that does not make it a model home.

The other rooms in the “Barn” aren’t not nice but they are not open to the public. The other offices in the “Barn” are full of desks and house plans, papers, a cantankerous copy machine and paper, paper and more paper. The “Barn” is a builder’s office.  The “Barn” is NOT a model.

New England Homes office is “cute” on the outside. The New England Homes office on Route 23 looks like a white barn.  If you are interested in building a custom home the Sales Center is open daily noon to four or we can schedule an appointment to meet. Need information use the contact form here or call me, Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER at 614-3888-8249.  Real Living HER Builder Developer Services represents New England Homes Ohio.

The New England Homes office is at 5191 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035.

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If you are looking for cute rooms, decorating ideas, it is probably not worth the stop at the New England Homes office. We’ll welcome you and break the news to you that the office is not a model.  The New England Homes office looks like an office on the inside.   And no we are not going to let you upstairs to look at messy desks.

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