New England Homes Awards

New England Homes “Cleans Up in Awards Ceremony”

New England Homes Ohio - Olentangy Falls 2011New England Homes Ohio a custom builder “Cleaned Up in the  2011 BIA Parade of Homes Awards” on Friday, June 10, 2011 at Olentangy Falls in southern Delaware County.

Breaking NEWS…. New England Homes CLEANED UP in the awards

BIA Parade of Homes Awards - New England Homes, Olentangy Falls 2011

A photo of the awards on the marble island in the award winning kitchen appeared on  both and Columbus Life (on Posterous) during the BIA Parade of Homes Preview Party last night.  This same photo of the awards appeared on those two sites during the Parade of Homes Preview Party, June 10, 2011.


“Cleans Up in Awards Ceremony”

The New England Homes entry got the most awards?  That’s what people were reporting as they returned to the New England Homes house (#1 in the Parade of Homes… just in the order) during last nights Preview Party.  I wish I could tell you who said “You guys are cleaning up” as he walked into the New England Homes house.  An exciting moment and evening even as a volunteer… Real Living HER’s Builder Service Division is working with New England Homes. I probably ought to mention I am working on the Real Living HER New Homes team working with New England Homes now…


The BIA Parade of homes has eleven entries this year.  Talking to the President of Ambassador Homes last night (during the storm that came through myself and a co-worker were stuck* in the Ambassador model ) that house went in contract Thursday night…  By stuck I mean no disrespect to the Ambassador Home, they were not a food and beverage station  and we were there during the big storm that came through southern Delaware County last night.  I would have been happier stuck in any house with food and drink.  We went to the Ambassador Homes entry  first after working about two hours at the New England Home.  We specifically went to see the interior design of the Ambassador Home.  If I understood correctly the President of Ambassador Homes said all of the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes entries are now sold?

Or close?  Maybe he said he’d heard M/I Homes was negotiating on their house.

Would that set some sort of record with the Parade of Homes if all the homes were sold before the Parade of Homes opened?  Today is the first day of the Parade of Homes.  There will be signs in front of the homes telling you what awards they won.

It was awesome that even going into the Parade of Homes earlier in the week, eight of the eleven homes were sold.  You’ve heard from the media that no one is buying homes.  No one is building homes… I digress.

Back to New England Homes house which was sold long before the Parade of Homes opened.

If I counted correctly, the gorgeous “Connecticut farmhouse style home” with the wrap around porch received

  • 6 Gold
  • 2 Silver
  • 4 Bronze
  • An honorable mention

I will have to sort out what the six Gold awards, 2 silver, etc on the New England Home are…  Kitchen, Exterior Architecture, Plan, Library / Study  come to mind.

New England Homes is  #1 in order of the parade.  You will enter through a gate just south (?) of the New England Homes house.

New England Homes – Olentangy Falls

Olentangy Falls is in Liberty Township and the Olentangy Local School District.  Olentangy Falls has a Delaware, Ohio 43215 zip code.  Olentangy Falls is on the south side of Hyatts Road approximately 1 mile from Columbus Pike (State Route 23.) Olentangy Falls was developed by Rockford Homes.

Originally published on the domain, S.Delaware County Ohio Homes.  There is a similar post on both and the ActiveRain real estate network, as a Columbus Ohio real estate update.  – Maureen

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