Ta Da! A Delaware County Site

Introducing a Delaware County, Ohio site, a site about Delaware County, Ohio homes.

railroad tracks at Lewis Center, Ohio flag

Once upon a time, about maybe 18 months or so ago there was a site called ‘S. Delaware County Ohio Homes’  born.  It’s url was http://sdelawarecohomes.com

I am going to call it a domain now rather than a url.  OK?  The site was on a real estate network with two other local real estate sites, one about Columbus and one about Worthington.

I killed the site about Delaware County homes at the end of  June 2012 and I liked it.   In a June 25, 2012 post on my Columbus real estate site titled “S. Delaware County Ohio Homes – a place on the web”   I consolidated the content across county lines. 

After killing the site I had a perfectly good domain for a Delaware County, Ohio website  about homes that was not being used.  I was working for the best darn builder in central Ohio from an office in Delaware County for a number of months. I was working from a Delaware County, Ohio real estate office, the Real Living HER office in Lewis Center.  Strangely the Real Living HER Lewis Center Office has  a Powell address, but that’s another post.

I explained in a comment on the June 25 post.

“I considered pulling the southern Delaware County content off and republishing it and hosting it on WordPress.org or putting it on my existing WordPress.org blog.  I may still do that.  I will be watching how things show up in the search engines.”

September 2012  I started a site on http://sdelawarecohomes.com  published in October 2012… It is a work in progress.

Ta Da!

As they say it’s  Just another WordPress blog

I hope the site S. Delaware County Ohio Homes with the domain http://sdelawarecohomes.com becomes more than just a blog* though.

I may move some of the content from the original site that used this domain  here so hopefully this Ta Da! ends up in the middle of the blog on this site.  The middle is a perfectly good place to start.


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