The Charm of New England without the Snow

New Enland Homes office

New England Homes Ohio…  all the charm of New England without all the snow.   And all the things that come from so much snow so fast.  And the wind and the Atlantic Ocean.

A friend who moved to Connecticut from Dublin, Ohio said on Facebook that they had “graupel.”    Thunder snow, ice, sleet and now graupel. 

I Googled  the word “graupel” it is a kind of precipitation.

New England Homes Ohio, usually referred to simply as ‘New England Homes’ around these parts (central Ohio, Franklin, Delaware, Union, Licking, etc. counties in Ohio) builds beautiful homes.  New England Homes is represented by HER Realtors Builder Developer Division.   I work on the team that represents New England Homes.   The custom home builder builds charming “New Englandesque” new homes in central Ohio.

I was at New England Homes last summer when “the durecho” hit.   “The durecho” in late June 2012 was a wind storm.  Straight line winds.  I had never heard the word “durecho” before that storm.  Many people in central Ohio had property damage and lost power when that strong summer storm came through our area.

The reality in New England now

During the winter storm that The Weather Channel is calling “Nemo” this morning a mortgage lender I know in Massachusetts retweeted:


400,000+ customers in Massachusetts without power, says @WBURSteve. #masnow #bosnow

Jeff is obviously NOT one of the 4000,000 in Massachusetts without power.  Or maybe Jeff has lost powers.  He could be using a charged up mobile phone to tweet.

Another friend in CT, a REALTOR  said on Facebook that her furnace was working on the “inverter”???  Is that geothermal talk?  She said they’d be starting up the generator soon.  Her food from her freezer is on her deck or patio?  That is the nice thing about losing power in the winter… if there is anything nice about of the loss of power.  Losing power in the winter you don’t have to lose all your frozen food.  Mother nature can provide a natural deep freeze.

Not that some central Ohio neighborhoods have NOT lost power in the winter because of ice, wind or snow.  Brrr staying warm when the power goes out is no fun and can be dangerous.  More and more people are getting a generator here. It sounds like a lot of people on the East Coast have generators.  Or maybe those are the only people talking about it.

It’s all  over except the blowing in Connecticut I am told. Lots of great photos from friends in New England, the real deal.

I am just glad this snow missed us in central Ohio.     The photo at the top is the New England Homes office on Columbus Pike in Lewis Center.  I believe I took this photo in December when we had snow.  I wish I had some pretty photos of some of the homes built by New England Homes with snow.   They look good in snow.  When they are  looking all New Englandy  I stay off the roads unless I have to be out in it.

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